Beneath the Dust

Piper Jones is in a real jam. Her dangerous journey from powerless orphan to the Princess of Faerie has brought her to a perilous crossroads. The fey king's minions are stealing witches from right under her nose, and her mother, the fey queen, has come to collect on her favor—one with potentially devastating consequences for everyone she loves. Piper's next move could be her last, and whatever her decision, one thing is clear: 

The fey king and queen must die.





  1. Whitney Michelle Loos says:

    I am so excited to read this one!! Will this be the last book of the series?

  2. Linda says:

    I would love to read Beneath the Dust. Books 1-3 were great! Do you know when book 4 will be coming out? Thank you, Linda

  3. Leshawnia says:

    Is there a date for this one?

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