Dark and literal — those two words sum up Khara’s black and white existence beautifully.  A clear product of her environment, it’s impossible not to see how she’s become the desensitized woman she is.

Or at least the one she thinks she is…



Often thought of as the Good Little Soldier, Drew’s All-American good looks combined with his charming ways could almost make you forget that he’s as lethal as a warrior can be.




He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his playful charm and clueless ways overshadow his lack of good sense.  The Golden Retriever of the bunch, he comes across all fun and games, but what lies beneath that cuddly facade is far more terrifying than expected.



The Professor of the group, and Kierson’s identical twin, Pierson’s gifts lie in his uncanny ability to analyze and scrutinize the facts until resolution is inevitable.  The trade off for all that cerebral prowess is that, unlike his brother, his people skills are virtually non-existent.



The Question Mark — you never know quite what he’s thinking, but it’s obvious that his mind isalways working.  Arguably the smartest of the crew, his genius/sociopathic status is well masked behind a harsh and hardened exterior.  Even his brothers are leery of him at times, and Khara would be wise to follow their lead.



The Black Hole. Neither a brother of the Petronus Ceteri, nor human, he is an enigma to say the least. He’s firmly set on a path of self-destruction in virtually every way possible, and it makes Khara wonder why the boys keep him around at all. His angelic features may mask the demon within, but as his internal war rages on, he stands to lose very essence of what he is — and everyone who cares for him.


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