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Book Cover: Queen Me
Part of the Immortal Vices and Virtues series:
  • Queen Me

Being a lowly human in a supernatural world, I should have jumped at the chance to be one of them—to possess the magic necessary to fit in. But when a rogue fae corners me in an alley and tells me I have some crazy power he needs to exact his revenge on the House that betrayed him, I had to seriously question that life goal.

The Moonlight Wraith, sexy and disarming as he is, is also a notorious killer—and this alleged power of mine is all that stands between him and the vengeance he craves.

But how can I give him something I don’t have?

And, worse yet, what will he do when he doesn’t get what he wants?

His plot to regain his throne hinges on the popular belief that he’s already dead, and my knowledge to the contrary is a loose end he can’t afford. But after a botched attempt on my life by unknown forces, I find myself allied with the broody harbinger of death because he might just be the only one who can keep me alive.

Assuming he doesn’t kill me himself.

QUEEN ME, a spicy standalone paranormal romance set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues shared world. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect for fans of Immortals After DarkBlack Dagger Brotherhood, and the Demonica series.

NEWS! Queen Me is featured as part of the Immortal Vices & Virtues Special Edition Hardcovers.

Publisher: Amber Lynn Natusch
Cover Artists:

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