Through the Ether

The time has come…

The war Piper and her crew once thought they’d face has changed entirely, forcing them to unite with former enemies to face the fey royals and save New York.

But, in Piper’s world, nothing goes that smoothly.

Mysterious voices from the gorge in the woods begin calling to Piper with vague promises of aid. Before she can decipher their enigmatic messages, Knox’s past finally catches up to him and he finds himself in possession of powers he can’t control. Is it possible that the key to defeating the fey king and queen could lie with both? Or are they merely distractions from the royals’ plan to eliminate their biggest threat?

Because there can only be one queen of Faerie.

And if they have their way, it won’t be Piper.

THROUGH THE ETHER, the fifth novel in the Force of Nature series by USA Today bestselling urban fantasy and paranormal romance author Amber Lynn Natusch. This series features a slow burn reverse harem story line. 

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