Ruby Dee

On the surface, she looks like she has it all: good looks, money, and her own business in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Looks can be deceiving.

Riddled with insecurities and plagued with a foot that she can’t keep out of her mouth, Ruby literally fumbles her way through the seeing world like she’s still blind.  If it weren’t for her empathic abilities that help her read the emotions of those around her, she’d be little more than walking prey.

Thankfully for Ruby, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve…even if she can’t seem to find them.



When you are as badass as Sean is, you don’t need a last name.

Dark and mysterious with motives that are impossible to read, he keeps Ruby guessing at every turn.  Unlike Cooper, Sean’s the one you love to hate, even if it isn’t his fault.

Or maybe it is…



Enigmatic and alluring, Eric has a certain edge that’s hard to ignore. His confidence and swagger turns heads all around town, including Ruby’s, but something is brewing just underneath that refined surface.

Sometimes unexpected things come in unexpected packages.


Ronnie Marks

She’s the feisty owner of Ruby’s favorite vintage clothing boutique, Better With Age, and as a wise-beyond-her-years woman in her early 40’s, she’d argue that she too has improved over the years.

But when it comes to Ronnie, it would behoove you to tread lightly.  For all her superficial joviality, there’s a loose cannon laying in wait.  Push the wrong button and you’ll see what the five-foot, two-inch mother is capable of – and it isn’t always pretty.



He’s the guy you just love to love.  Regardless of what he does and who he does it to, you’ll find yourself rooting for him at every turn.

Modeled after my Uncle Warren, Cooper is quick witted, charismatic, charming and always the life of the party. But don’t piss him off, or threaten what is his.  Cooper is extremely loyal when it comes to those he loves and he will go after anyone or anything that threatens to harm them.

At over six feet tall, blond, with the body of a surfer and the tan to match…he’s not too hard on the eyes either!



Sexy and seductive with a less-is-more wardrobe policy, Sophie tends to bring out the worst in the females around her, especially Ruby.  But don’t let her slutty nature fool you, Sophie has gifts that are crucial to the survival of many.

Due to her enigmatic link to Sean, Ruby has to learn to co-exist with Sophie, even if it kills her to do so.

And it just might…


Matty Carmillo

Young, sweet, and talented, Matty puts a healthy splash of humanity back into Ruby’s world.  He’s more than just her dance partner, he’s a voice of reason in times of stress, which for Ruby is nearly always.  Dubbed the “Boy Scout” by Cooper, you’ll have to decide for yourself if everything is as boy next door as it appears.


Peyta Marks

Pronounced Pay-tuh, not Pee-tah (and don’t ever let her hear you say it incorrectly).  She’s the feisty, raven-haired daughter of Ronnie – and that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Smarter than most adults, she’s highly observant and exceedingly sharp.  You’re not likely to sneak something past her easily.

She is also full of surprises; some she’s aware of and others she isn’t….at least not yet.