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Preorder UNSPOKEN Now For Exclusive Access to a Bonus Scene!

From now until the book goes live on April 30th, anyone who preorders their copy of UNSPOKEN will receive exclusive access to a bonus scene featuring Oz and Khara. The scene link and password will be made available once the book has been released.

Once you’ve preordered your copy, please email proof of purchase (screenshot is fine) to Once the book is released, you will receive an email with the link and password to read the bonus scene.

Thank you all! Talk to you soon!



With the Underworld still in chaos, Hades, King of the Dead, can’t return home. His traitorous wife, Persephone, remains on the loose—and she’s not the only one. Many of the souls that Khara unwittingly released from the Oudeis have not been accounted for, including former gods, and neither have some of her father’s minions. While Khara and Oz search for Persephone, her brothers work to secure the escaped souls and discover who murdered Drew. But they soon find themselves faced with an even greater problem—one with a name they dare not speak.

Forced into shady alliances with would-be enemies, Khara must work to restore the Underworld and place her father on the throne before the world above claims him and everyone else she loves.

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