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I’m starting a blog tour in September and will doing up some guest posts for some of the sites. It was suggested that maybe I do a few with some of my favorite scenes from throughout the series and give an explanation as to why I like them, the style, the story, etc. Picking favorites is difficult for me because I’m just too close to the story. All scenes have a special place in my heart or I wouldn’t have written them in the first place. I need help!

So, I’m turning to you for help with this. As fans, what scenes really spoke to you and why? What was it that made you want to read more/know more? Was it the writing? The pictures/visuals it painted? The emotions? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Please email me with whatever you come up with, and thank you for taking the time to help out. Your support is beyond appreciated (as always).


  1. “Look After You” – where Ruby thinks maybe Sean likes to live to his own soundtrack just like her. The song “Look After You” is playing in the background and it just warmed the cockles of my heart to see that something deeper was developing between Sean and Ruby.

    If you can’t tell, I love ‘song scenes’. I’ve found so much good music as a result of authors who post playlists of music that inspired their writing process or reference artists and songs in their writing. It just adds dimension to the reading experience when you can dial up a song and read the scene at the same time. It really sets the mood and takes the reading to a whole new level.

  2. “Sexual Twister” – when Ruby/Scarlet get hot and heavy with Coop. The scene was just so funny I laughed out loud and snorted. It sticks with me because I could have never envisioned something as potentially seductive as twister, being so totally awkward in a sexual situation. Comic genius!

  3. The “Gravity” scene, where Ruby dances her soul out in her studio.
    I love the song, I love contemporary dance (as a spectator) and I could empathize with Ruby’s feelings from my own experience. It was so moving and made such an impact that I found myself listening to the song over and over for a week or so thereafter. I relived my own feelings and experiences through that scene. It was very powerful.

  4. becky says:

    ok I love in framed the scene of scarlet is accusing sofie of framing her I’d love to know how you decided on all of that?
    In caged I loved how you started the book it was confussing at 1st her seeing her 1st tree but I’d love to know how that came to you.

  5. fernanda dugan says:

    Sean- not wean sorry auto correct.

    1. LOL…you said Wean..

  6. fernanda dugan says:

    One of my favorite scenes is where Ruby is up in her dance studio dancing away and Wean watches her and they have a moment. Love it.

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