Next up…Haunted

So I’ve been asked by many of you who have already bought and read CAGED (thanks for that) when the next installment of Ruby’s adventures will be published.  The short answer is: SOON.  Unfortunately, I first need to put it through some rigorous editing and then format it.  I’m REALLY aiming to have it in your hands by the end of January, but I’m afraid I might be pushing it with that deadline.  I don’t want to sacrifice quality by rushing to publish it.  For those of you that follow this blog or Facebook page, you’ll soon be getting teasers (YAY!!!) from the second book, and I’ll do my best to make them as juicy as possible. 

I LOVE Haunted.  Like Caged, it’s a wild ride with comedy, action, and paranormal mystery.  You’ll get to meet some new characters, and get to know some old ones even better, all while following Ruby as she faces new challenges, both supernatural and otherwise.  There’s a lot of personal growth that happens for her in this book.

If I had to pick which I liked more, I would personally go with Haunted, though it’s like having to pick a favorite child.  I love them differently, but for me, Haunted shows more of the relationship building that (in my mind) drives the series.  Caged is like an awesome first date, it hits you hard, rocks your world, then drops you off at home.  Haunted is the second date where you dig deeper and learn more, all while having that same giggly feeling you get when things are fresh and new.

I’ll keep you all posted as the process continues.

Teaser will be coming your way on Sunday…you can call me Santa 🙂

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