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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Two words: Epic Fail!

Bry and I were huddled around the laptop last night, anxiously reviewing the eighth version of the file we needed to upload to kindle to get Caged published.  Once we were nearly cross-eyed, we determined we were as error free as we were ever going to be, took a deep breath and pulled the book up on amazon’s publishing page.  They have a delightful “preview” function that allows you to see the format in kindle size.

This is where it all goes to pot.

The short of it is that my Table of Contents was missing.  It’s in the file…but not in the kindle preview. This does not bode well.  So now my poor husband will have to try and figure out what’s wrong with the file in between patients this morning.  I’m sure he’s THRILLED about that.

I shall keep you all posted as to where things stand.  We’re still planning on doing a mass purchase on Monday to launch me up in the kindle ratings.  Fingers crossed that we can still meet that schedule.

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