Book Cover: Unmade
Part of the Unborn series:

When the Hallowed Gates prove not to be the safe haven Khara was promised, she flees to Detroit only to learn that not all is well there, either. The Dark Ones have taken their revenge for her broken promise and one of Khara’s many enemies has orchestrated her mother's disappearance.

Khara must work quickly to find her, a difficult task with Phobos lurking in the shadows. And when a mysterious stranger offers a solution to both finding her mother and eliminating her  greatest enemy, Khara isn’t certain she can—or should—pay his price.

Because deals with the devil only end one way.

Even for the princess of the Underworld.

BONUS SCENE! Order your copy of Unmade by June 24, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST and email your proof of purchase (a screenshot is fine) to ALNGiveaways@gmail.com to receive access to TENTH CIRCLE SHENANIGANS WITH THE CAGED WORLD CAST, a bonus scene from Khara's POV featuring all your favorite characters across the Caged universe!




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