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Meet the Fireheart Characters: Ariel

Half Minyade (dragon species), half Nychteride (“gargoyle” species) 

Special Supernatural Traits
Wings/flight, impenetrable scales, fire-breathing 

None of your business.

Raised her in an all-male camp of warriors, she’s strong, capable, and feisty as hell. She can hang with the big dogs, but has a soft side very few get to see. She’s a fierce protector of the weak and will stand up against any force for what she believes to be right—even if it gets her into trouble. She loves deeply, but cross her and you’ll find yourself at the losing end of her staff. She’s been burned by those she trusted, so she’s cautious now, and has very few in her inner circle. People close to you trying to kill you will do that to a person.   

People not trying to kill her. Flying. Anyone who makes her laugh. Fire. 

People trying to kill her. Being called “halfbreed.”  Her ex-best friend. 

Obsessed with leather. Never leaves home without her fighting staff. Tends to lead with violence, then ask questions. Drinks too much when under the influence of her fae friends.

n the land of Daglaar, there’s nothing the Nychterides distrust more than outsiders. Even Ariel, the general’s daughter, can’t escape her mother’s dragon heritage that brands her as one. But when her best friend and childhood protector tries to kill her, she’s sent to the land of the fae to live in isolation with her father’s ally.

Then four years later, she receives a mysterious letter, demanding her return.

Ariel quickly discovers the message that lured her home is just a symptom of the trouble brewing amongst her father’s army—and Hemming may be the only one she can turn to for help. But how is she supposed to trust the man who’s already turned against her once?

In a race against time to save her father, will her unsteady alliance be enough, or will the boy she once loved prove to be the greatest danger she’s about to face?

Perfect for fans of Fourth Wing, dark intentions fuel this slow-burn fantasy romance where deadly secrets, epic journeys, and scorching enemies-to-lovers tension reign. AN ECHO OF FIRE, the first novel in the Fireheart series by USA Today bestselling author Amber Lynn Natusch.

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