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Round and round they go, one by one they fall…

Round and round they go, one by one they fall…

Desperate to find a cure for Ewan, Zara and Winter enter the treacherous Cursed Realm. But Zara quickly discovers someone has been awaiting their arrival, plotting their downfall for many years.

A notorious caster king seizes Winter and sends Zara into the unforgiving wild lands, a place where survival is a daily struggle and evil lurks in the darkness. Determined to return home with both Winter and the cure, Zara places her trust in an unlikely ally who promises to help—for a price.

Danger looms around every corner, with a host of foes just as hellbent on keeping Zara in their world as she is to leave it. Will she unravel the enigmatic web of dark magic that binds their fates and find a way home?

Or will the forces of the Cursed Realm claim them all?

~ Paranormal Romance ~

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