INTO THE STORM, Coming August 8th!

INTO THE STORM, the next installment in the Force of Nature series.

When Piper Jones fled New York for a secluded mountainside in Alaska, she thought she was safe from the back-stabbing, supernatural drama of the city. Now she’s back, with the sexy werewolf Alpha Knox, his pack, and her grizzly bear sidekick for backup. But Piper’s plan to get closure is derailed when her vampire mate Merc is abducted, forcing her to form a shaky alliance with a warlock lord.

Faced with death threats, romantic entanglements, and dubious allies, Piper is running out of time before someone she loves becomes the latest casualty in a never-ending war…



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One thought on “INTO THE STORM, Coming August 8th!

  1. I love all your series. I cannot get enough of your writing. Force of nature and blue eyed keep me wanting more and more. I forgot how aggregating the wait can be, like the wait between each Caged installment. Thank you for writing stories that keeps us wanting more and helps me stay awake on long nights.

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