16 thoughts on “SCARRED IS LIVE ON AMAZON!!

  1. OMG!!! So so so good!! I am totally bummed that I can’t keep going. This is the hard part, having to wait again so soon after getting over waiting. UGH!! I tried to read slower, it didn’t work. I couldn’t stop. 😦 Can I edit for you? 😉 I am just going to have to keep reading them over and over to get my fix. I am strung out on Ruby/Scarlett. And for some reason I have gotta have a pair of Frye boots!! Need more. Hurry please, I might not make it. HEHE!! Gotta say it, YOU FREAKIN’ ROCK CHIC!!!

    1. I just laughed because I thought you said “ending” as in “let’s hurry up and get this thing over with.” Then my brain caught up and realized you said “editing”… Yep. That just happened *sighs at own stupidity*

      1. Well I can’t wait for that either because then I will know that everything worked out for Ruby! Lol, but I understand it happens to me way too often these days!

  2. just finish reading SCARRED. And all i can say is wow!wow!WOW!!! im so exited for the next. Can u just write fast and have it done next week. I love your book

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