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Final Teaser Friday…

You wanted it, so you’re going to get it! I have one more teaser lined up for you before SCARRED is released on September 24, 2012. I decided to make it a whopper, so I’ll be releasing the PROLOGUE in its entirety on 8/31/12. You all have waited a long time for this book, so I thought I would show you my appreciation 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled and watch for the link to appear on my twitter account (@AmberLNatusch), my facebook page (, or this blog (hit “follow” to subscribe by email so you never miss an announcement like this).

Can’t wait to hear from you on Friday!!!!


  1. Nadine says:

    So I get to read the prologue and then have to wait another 23 days? Decisions.. decisions.. Oh all right 😀

    1. you don’t HAVE to read it right away. You could let it gnaw at you for a bit and then cave under the pressure 🙂

  2. Yay!!!! Always looking out for us Amber 🙂

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