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Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Brain Power…

Here’s the deal.  I work full time at my practice.  I have a two-year-old son and a husband.  I have a house that we gutted to the studs, and have slowly rebuilt (by ourselves) for the past five years.  And I have friends that I like to see occasionally. In short, I’ve got a lot going on as most of you do as well, and it’s a constant struggle to figure out where the author part of my life fits in.  This problem was recently magnified by an increase of voices in my head.

Nobody panic.  Not THOSE kinds of voices, but currently, characters seem to run the show.  I have new ones cropping up everywhere, trying to make themselves known, and old ones throwing game changers my way on a regular basis.  Between interrupted existing story lines and new ones, I just don’t know where to start.  When I try to get it all down, it tends to come out garbled, frantic, and unintelligible.  So not helpful.

The solution to this problem?  Minions.  Lots and lots of minions.  But where does one find a minion?  I looked on…no minions there.  I consulted Martha Stewart’s website because she’s the Queen of minions.  Nothing.  She doesn’t even tell you how to MAKE a minion, and that woman can make anything!  I think I might be out of luck.

That leaves me with me and my brain, which feels as though it’s closer and closer to hitting max capacity on a daily basis.  You can’t put ten pounds of sugar in a five pound bag (or ten novels into one novel brain as the case may be).  So how do you expand your mind (legally)?  I haven’t a clue, but I’m trying something new and praying it works out for me.

I have two journals, one for each series. I do my best to take them everywhere with me (which I’ve already failed miserably at doing).  I also have an amazing friend, Shannon, who tolerates my frantic IM messages that I throw at her all day, and then organizes them into a file for me.  I know what you’re thinking.  Shannon is a minion.  No, Shannon is my friend, who happens to enjoy my craziness more than she probably should.  Whenever I need her to put notes in a file for me, I refer to her as ‘Pepe’.  It’s a long story, but when she sees that, she knows I mean business!

I was recently asked why I was making fans wait so long between books (the next one comes out in September), especially if it’s already written.  I can assure you, it is NOT to make you all insane.  The reality is that I can’t edit when my brain is in writing mode, and I can’t write when I’m in editing mode.  Sometimes my brain just doesn’t comply with what I need it to do.  I’m doing my best to rein in characters, edit Scarred, write Fractured, and iron out Unborn’s direction.  That’s a lot to do in four months in and of itself.  Throw in work, family and what little social life I have, and it all starts to go to hell.

Here’s my takeaway message.  My little brain can only handle so much.  Know that I’m trying my hardest, doing my best, and ALWAYS thinking about my stories.  I want to share them with you as much as you want to read them.  It’s a beautiful relationship 🙂


  1. I am grateful that you are able to somehow find the time to write these wonderful books. I, for one, am willing to wait for your next release as long as it takes, especially if it means your mental health stays intact 😉 I can’t say I will be waiting patiently though, but that’s my problem not yours 🙂

    It’s amazing you still have the energy to retain a sense of humour, let alone write…

    1. Mental health…what’s that? I’m glad you guys love the books enough to hang in there and wait. As for my sense of humor…well, Ruby is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree with that one. Humor gets me through everything…even natural childbirth! Ruby is a little quicker than I am to defend with it, and utilizes hers in ways that I wouldn’t, but her propensity to bust it out in various ways is ALL me 🙂

  2. karin says:

    Amber, my hat if off to you, you do an amazing job. I am assuming you have almost continuous access to a computer. Why don’t you have someone ( your techno guy) create you a database that can be easily tagged and linked where you can jot the fast and furious ideas down? Then at the end of the day/week your tags can be separated into characters. Make sense? Don’t fret on timescales. Im happy to wait

    1. Karin, I have NO idea what you’re talking about, but I love that you’re trying to help sort out my brain 🙂 No worries, I’ll get it under control eventually…

  3. I love Pepe!!!! She helps me focus…which is odd cuz she’s is not your typical “focus” type person.

  4. I’m a minion for hire! 😉 Just sayin… (and I work for peanuts)

    1. phew…I’m not making enough to hire a team of minions for anything other than peanuts. Not yet, anyway…

      1. That makes me hopeful, yet, strangely, I feel rejected, all at the same time…

      2. Maybe skyping with Amanda and I on Saturday will help nurse your hurt feelings 🙂

      3. Possibly. And I’m sure the wine won’t hurt either. 😉

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