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The Top 10 Reasons Why Real Men Love Caged…

I’ve been hearing from a lot of female readers that they would really love for their husbands/boyfriends to read the Caged series, but are meeting resistance at every turn.  This blog was designed to help outline the various reasons for why these men should venture out and take a chance on Ruby.  And they’re VERY compelling.

1) Caged adds 25% or more manly to your manliness…if you know what I mean 🙂

2) It makes you instantly more attractive to ALL women.  It’s science, no need to question it.

3) Men that read the Caged series have been shown to make extra income while doing absolutely nothing, and who doesn’t want that?  It is a down economy…

4) Nothing says self-confidence like reading about men far hotter than you.  Chicks dig that.

5) It’s highly educational. Let’s face it…you might actually LEARN something from these books.

6) There are hot cars and even hotter women.  You do the math…

7) There’s bloodshed.  Nuff said.

8) Men LOVE a project and Ruby is a hot mess.

9) All men love anything with supernatural characters in it.  It’s in their DNA.

10) Real men love Caged because I say so.  My blog, my books, my rules.

If, after all these valid reasons, you STILL can’t get them to read the books, give me their email addresses.  I can be very, very persuasive 🙂

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