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Is it, or isn’t it?

Lately, I’ve been bombarded by comments/questions regarding the cover of Caged.  I thought that maybe I’d take a brief moment to address the issue at hand.

The short answer is, no, that is NOT my eye on the cover.  I know it looks VERY much like my eye (sans fiery red, demon looking thingy in the pupil), but it’s not.  My eye hasn’t been used for any of the covers (thus far), and I don’t really intend to start using it.

My cover pics have all been selected by myself and my graphic designer, Jamie Rosen.  We’re currently a little stuck on what to do with the covers for books 4 and 5, which is why you won’t find them anywhere on this webpage.  I’m totally open for suggestions though (Scarred and Fractured are the titles, so keep that in mind).

If I do decide to paste my peeps onto any of the future covers, I’ll be sure to let you know.  You can all breathe easier now, I’m sure.  🙂

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