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Fear or Fun?

With my impending (self-imposed) deadline rapidly approaching, the reality of what I’m about to do is fully sinking in.

And it’s terrifying.

Writers would likely all agree on the fact that your work is a reflection of you. Therefore, if someone thinks your work is terrible, it’s extremely hard not to take that personally. This is where the fear can paralyze a writer (and does many). A friend once asked if it made me nervous to have such a large piece of my personality out there for others to see, analyze and judge. The answer? Yes, but sometimes in life you just make a choice and go with it. I chose to publish.

I love writing. It makes me smile when my characters get out of hand and I have to rein them in a bit. I like thinking of new ways to approach plots (which is really little more than a form of problem solving), and I like watching the story grow and transform from what it started off as. That’s where the fun comes in.

Those that know me would likely describe me as a wee bit headstrong at times, with a strong determination to get what I want. Both qualities can have negative implications, but in this situation, they are nothing but positive. They are what let me rise above the fear, silence the negative thoughts and people around me, and realize that trying and failing would not be the worst outcome – never having tried at all would.

For some who will read my novels, it’s a morbid curiosity that drives them.  For others, it’s to silently hope that they’re awful and I fail. Others are truly supportive and want to see me succeed because they believe in my work, and better yet, believe in me.  I’m always floored by where my support comes from at times, often from people I would never have expected it.  Conversely, I’m equally shocked at where it doesn’t come from.

I have roughly two weeks to go until I officially upload CAGED to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.  Regardless of what motivation you have to purchase and read it, I hope you will…

Especially if you like a little fear in your fun.

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