STRAYED COVER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know…I can hardly believe it either, but it’s FINALLY happening. This book is almost ready for publication and now has a STUNNING cover. I hope you love it as much as I do. I should have the blurb for the back of it done soon 🙂

As for the release date, stay tuned…. I should know in about a week or so.



Haunted Teaser…

From book #2 in The Caged Series: HAUNTED (your first teaser)

I wasn’t the Ruby he’d first met, cowering naked against a tree, afraid of her own shadow. I was tarnished, worn by the events that had occurred over the past year. Erosion should leave things smoother and softer than they were before; it left me more angular and prickly. The new Ruby was learning how to do things on her own terms, consequences be damned. She would not be caged again; not for anyone or any reason.

My First Review…

Review by Jena Gregoire of

I don’t even know where to start this review.  I have so much that I want to say and I am petrified of giving away any storylines!  Caged could very possibly be one of the best Urban Fantasy novels I have ever read.  Coming from me, a die-hard lover of urban fantasy, that’s saying something!  I can honestly say with no hesitation that there isn’t a single thing I dislike about this book. 

From page one, I instantly fell in love with the main character, Ruby.  She’s independent, sassy, sarcastic and (much like myself) she has an uncontrollable (albeit totally justifiable) addiction to fabulous footwear.  She’s an artist and an all-American girl wrapped into one.  To top it off, Ruby lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire, the state where both the author and I live.  I heart Ruby.  She’s just fantastic.

This book has a little bit of everything.  It is almost non-stop action from beginning to end and the parts that are not action filled are meaningful dialog that helps to build the story (instead of fluff to fill pages).  There is drama and intrigue.  There are many twists and turns.  There is mystery, danger and comedy.  There is anger and love.   And what story wouldn’t be complete without a few somewhat steamy scenes??  Caged has got them!  I don’t think that I could put a label on what type of story this is because the book covers so many different feelings and facets of life. 

Amber Lynn Natusch has a major hit with Caged.  She has developed an original storyline that will keep you burning through the pages.  I started reading this book a little over 24 hours ago and was finished this morning – that’s on top of working my normal day job.  She’s got a great cast of characters that will instantly win any audience over.  Caged is a complete and total hit in my eyes and I, for one, can not wait for the next in the series to be released! 

Overall, this is an amazing book.  Very well written.  Good characters.  Great storyline.  Caged gets 5 stars!!!

And so it begins…

This all began as a dare.

Thanks to the gauntlet thrown by my delightful friend and former office manager, Jill Perkins, I’m now staring at my computer, writing a blog all about me and the crazy books I’ve written.  Who would have thought I would have wound up here?  Certainly not me.

In truth, until about three years ago I hadn’t picked up a book.  Eight years of higher education can dampen your desire to read anything other than what’s necessary to pass your courses and graduate.  With anatomy, radiology, and pathology rattling around in my head, there was no room for Harry Potter or the newest Alex Cross novel by James Patterson.  Reading and I were clearly on the outs.

And then along came a book that turned everything on its ass, morphing me into a five book a week reading machine.  Twilight awakened me to the written word, and I read the whole series in about four days, most of which were spent not eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom until I finally caved to my bladder’s insistent call.  For those of you who are already groaning at the mere mention of the young adult phenomenon, hear me out.  It wasn’t because it was the best book ever written, or because it had become such a widespread entity, but because the story spoke to me – plain and simple.  From there, I started to tear through various series like a reading tornado, all of which revolved around the urban fantasy/paranormal genres.  I had such a connection with them that I just couldn’t explain.

And there are many others out there just like me…

So that’s who I write for, the little Ambers out there who are suckers for action, mystery, crazy characters, and a little love.  I’m happy with the world I’ve created. 

I hope you will be too!