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I’m sure that by now I have confused the daylights out of most of you regarding the projects I have in the works (and rattling about in my brain). In light of this, I decided to do a tiny little blog about my different projects, how they do or don’t relate, and when to expect them to be available for purchase.

Here goes nothing…

  1. The Caged Series: I think this one is self-explanatory given it’s how 95% of you know about me in the first place. There will be seven books and two novellas total.
  2. The Unborn Series: This will debut in 2013. It is related to Caged and runs parallel in timeline. It’s the same world, but different setting and different supernatural beings. You may see some faces you know, but they will be minor players or cameo appearances. The series as a whole is darker than Caged, but would still be classified as urban fantasy/paranormal romance with a hint of dark fantasy. I LOVE how this one is shaping up. I have about 20% written and can’t wait to devote some attention to it 🙂
  3. The Light and Shadow Trilogy: This is a YA series that has NO RELATION TO CAGED WHATSOEVER (just to be clear on that). It’s dark, cerebral, and has a dystopianesque lean throughout the series. I think it brings a little edge to the YA world as the series progresses, and I’m excited to see how it goes over with readers.
  4. UNTITLED series: This is the new one that just hit me like a ton of bricks the other day. It too is the same world as Caged. You will see more of the characters you love from Caged than you will in the Unborn series in this one, but it has a slightly different focus with the new cast. I’m unclear on whether or not it will be told in single first person POV. I have this feeling that each book might be in a different voice and follow that character. I’m not sold on that idea, but my gut seems to think that’s where I need to take things and my gut, unlike Ruby’s, is usually right. The characters are a bit younger in this one, but not YA young…more new adult young. I think it could be amazing, but I have a lot of plotting to do on it. It most likely will not come out until the conclusion of Caged, so I have a ton of time 🙂
  5. I don’t have anything to put here yet, but I’m sure I will soon!


  1. Just dropping a note . I did not know you lived in NH I have a house in TwinMountain. We bought 5 years ago, we try to come up every other weekend.. I thought you lived near Shelley… So when I move up here in a few years I can look you up for my chiro… Been looking for a good since Shelly left…

  2. I LOVE this series! I just finished Scarred and can hardly wait for book 5! Hurry please and get book 5 written PLEASE!

    1. Thanks, Kathi! Glad you loved it 🙂

    2. It’s written, just not edited yet 🙂

  3. Victoria W says:

    I really can’t wait to see what you can accomplish when you actually have more time to write. I honestly don’t know how you do it all!! Do you sleep? :S Never the less, I am so excited to read all of it when its finished!! 🙂

  4. Ali Hubbard says:

    That really helped me!

  5. Can I just tell you I am so hooked on everything you are writing. I am looking forward to all of it. Hopefully I can read it on my Nook, and not on my phone. Keep writing…

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