Caged #6

Sean has a reputation for brutality, and it is well-deserved. Centuries of inflicting pain and punishment on anything and everything he deemed worthy slowly stole whatever light had been in him when he was born. His angelic nature fell victim to the god of war within him, just as Ares had intended.

After an enigmatic encounter, a vision of Ruby comes to Sean and changes all of that. Her piercing blue eyes bear their way into his soul, awakening it as though it had never slept. Struggling against his inner darkness, Sean fights to keep that light from fading again and eventually goes to extremes to ensure that it won’t.

NOTE FROM AMBER:  This installment  follows Sean through his past and is solely written in his voice. It is an interesting departure from Ruby’s chaotic mind, and I was excited to write it. Sean can be cagey though, so I found myself locked in a battle of wills. I think I’d like to be locked in ANYTHING with Sean 🙂


Never had I seen something so beautiful. Covered in blood, lying naked in the snow, her unconscious body called to me. Her stark white curls taunted me as I watched from a distance, begging me to run my fingers through them to awaken her. Then suddenly, she shot upright, pressing herself against the tree. Wounded, frightened, and alone, her gaze struggled to take in the nearly empty woods that surrounded her.

Those eyes…

The second they locked on mine, I knew. She could never be my demise. She was my rebirth, the one to save whatever shred of a soul I had remaining.

She was my light in the darkness.

She was mine.

Released December 2013

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27 thoughts on “

  1. i just finished Tarnished and I understand Sean so much more. it was great to read his story and understand his relationships better. I hope at some stage he gets to connect with his mother. It would be nice for him. Thanks for a great read.

  2. Tomorrow can’t wait to fire up my Kindle in the morning and download this book…can’t wait been dying for any of my favorite authors to put something out. Already finished Georgia Cates BfS and I’m waiting for Amy Bartol to release Iniquity..I’m a book addict and I need my fix..

  3. I’m thrilled about this being in Sean’s pov. I’ve honestly had some serious mixed feelings about that man! Part of me hates the way he controls Ruby (or somehow manages to avoid her questions) and part of me loves his love for her. I think this will help me understand him a bit more!

  4. It’s summer 2013..I’m still waiting… need to read next installment..pretty please;)
    ahhhh Sean….I remember thinking this would make a great TV show…but there is NO actor who could play Sean for me.he has such a powerful presence, who would you have?

  5. you know what you have done to me??? OMG I have never had anticipated a book so bad in my life, this is going to be awesome!! I love it and tomorrow I will start reading Tempted by evil!! I love your books, such a fan

  6. Oh my dear dear Sean!!! I can not wait!! ❤ ❤ ❤ You are such a sadist you know, keeping us waiting with little tidbits like this…..sigh…

  7. I absolutely LOVE that you are writing this! Sean is a character who completely fascinates me, so I can’t wait to see inside his mind!

  8. I wish you had super powers and wrote all the books at once. The wait is the worse. Just finished and refinished Fractured. I need more :’-(

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