Eve of Eternal Night

Book Cover: Eve of Eternal Night
Part of the The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows series:
  • Eve of Eternal Night

THE ZODIAC CURSE is an enticing new reverse harem urban fantasy world featuring two tandem series – Harem of Shadows by Amber Lynn Natusch and Harem of Light by C.N. Crawford.

Eve Carmichael can’t wait to graduate from college and move on with her life. Loner, outcast, and enemy of the dean, she tried her best to fit in, but all the money in the world can’t buy genuine friends—or anonymity.

Then things take an unexpected turn when she witnesses a murder on campus. Especially because there’s no evidence a crime ever happened the next day, and the five men responsible disappeared into thin air.

As she tries to unravel the mystery behind the phantom homicide, she finds herself on a dark and familiar path. With no-one else to trust, she seeks the help of an unlikely—but alluring—group of men. A group of men with one thing in common—an undying interest in her.

For better or worse, the rocker, the wanderer, the student, the therapist, and the adviser all have a part to play in fulfilling her destiny. Hopefully they can awaken her to the danger closing in before Eve gets herself killed.


  1. Leshawnia Culp says:

    when will the next book come so excited!

    1. trying to figure this out as soon as possible!

      1. Leshawnia says:

        Love how 2 artist come together. Reading your books is such a great escape for me. I really enjoy the scenes my mind paints when reading your works of art😁

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