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On the third day of Holiday Hullabaloo, Amber gave to me…A SIGNED COPY OF FRAMED!

Welcome back to the Holiday Hullabaloo Giveaway, a massive raffle involving FOURTEEN authors with 155 prizes up for grabs!

HOW IT WORKS:14 different prizes are being given away daily, one by each author

WHEN: EVERY DAY through December 21st, 2012

HOW LONG: All giveaways are open until midnight December 21st

THE GRAND PRIZE: A $200 Amazon/ Barnes&Noble Gift Card giveaway


  1. Enter the FIRST Rafflecopter for MY giveaway today
  2. Enter the SECOND Rafflecopter to win the FINALE $200 gift card
  3. Click on the linky to find other great prizes (ebooks, paperbooks, swag, gift cards, knit hats, t-shirts… it’s CRAZY all the stuff in this giveaway)


framed coverHe left without pause – without looking back. The single connection to normality I had was driving back to Boston, to a life interrupted by the knowledge that legends and lore may not be just that, and left to contemplate what other monsters may be in existence beyond what he’d witnessed that night. I was left to acknowledge that my friend was gone, my partner was lost, and yet another person’s life was damaged because of knowing me.

Maybe a cage was exactly where I belonged.

The deaths of three PC brothers have yet to be solved, and Ruby once again finds her head sitting squarely on the chopping block.  To make matters worse, a revenge-crazed werewolf keeps hijacking her mind, replaying all the details of his gruesome attacks. 

As she struggles to navigate her way through this life of supernatural violence, Ruby realizes that the dreams of normal women her age may never become her reality.  No white dress. No family of her own.  She fears that everything and everyone she knows is in danger — and it’s all because of her.  When she finally accepts those fears as fact, Ruby takes drastic measures to ensure the safety of those she loves most… 

Even if it means forfeiting her own.


To enter the SIGNED COPY of FRAMED Rafflecopter,




To enter to win the GRAND PRIZE $200 Amazon/ B&N GIFT CARD Rafflecopter,



Now that you’ve done that, be sure you go and check out ALL the other author pages and enter their giveaways as well. ALL raffles can be entered daily until the close at midnight on the 21st, so be sure to keep entering 🙂

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Go forth and win! Happy holidays 🙂


  1. All of the books are so pretty! I can’t decide but I like starting from the beginning so I will say book 1!

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Gale Nelson says:

    I am excited about all of them!!

  3. Meghan Stith says:

    I feel like the $200 Amazon gift card is improbable so I’m really excited about the books! I LOVE BOOKS!

  4. I’m excited for all of them, All the prizes look so good!! I would love to win them all if I could! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I like all the prizes.

  6. Crystal Young says:

    I love the signed books but all the prizes have been great.

  7. Victoria N says:

    excited about all the prizes

  8. rhowie says:

    would loooove to win the $200 but im more excited about the signed copy ^_^

  9. I don’t want to sound greedy, but I hope I will all the signed paperbacks…lol

  10. Clarissa says:

    I am pretty excited about the signed copy of any of the Caged Series!!!

  11. JDKunce says:

    I love books and any chance to get new books. I’m most excited about Amber Lynn Natusch’s giveaway, as she is one of my favorite authors. I have all of her books on kindle, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to get them in paperback as well.

  12. I love the signed books and the change to win gift cards to get.. wait for it… more books!

  13. Choose?? I love winning/buying/receiving new books!

  14. Kim Shaw says:

    Any of the prizes but autograph books by my favorite authors. I can’t chose which one I would like the most expect the autograph books.

  15. I like them all… who doesn’t like the chance to win free books

  16. I am most excited about the autographed books. Win or loose, I certain have added a few books to my want this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. framed is my favorite of the books so far although I love them all

    1. it’s my fave too, Becky, though SCARRED is a close second 🙂

  18. Desiree DeOrto says:

    I’m really hoping to win a signed copy of any book. I’ve never had one before and it would be the best christmas ever if I won one 🙂

  19. I hope I win a signed book!!!! 🙂

  20. Ali Cross’s complete autographed set!!!

  21. Kendell Piller says:

    Ok I’m going to admit it….in my haste to enter this contest (cause its awesome) I missed what I’m supposed to comment about. All I saw was …comment about…and the word prize. Then it disappeared, sorry! So I’ll say this the prizes are fantastic! 👍

  22. Sheila Taylor says:

    Love your books, love the prizes!! 🙂

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