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THE PROLOGUE!!!!!  Enjoy 🙂

A familiar sweat covered my body.

My head throbbed, limbs quaked, heart pounded. There was only a single reason my body acted that way. It meant one thing and one thing only.

While my mind reeled from what I’d just seen, the contents of my stomach found themselves all over my floor.

Another woman dead.

A corpse in white―wedding white.

He’d decorated her face with her blood, carefully―meticulously―painting her cheeks and lips with a delicate touch before turning his cold, dead stare on my mind’s eye.

“You cannot escape me, my love,” he’d told me, running his nose along the bride’s jaw―fearsome eyes still pinned on me. I wretched again. “You will be mine, and mine alone. I will have you or no one will.”

His message had been painfully clear: join him or die.

Alone, in the darkness of my room, I exhaled a fuck-my-life sigh, acknowledging out loud, if only to myself, what I’d long feared. My reprieve was gone. My normal life interrupted. My crazed courtier returned.

“He’s back.”

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  1. Melissa Leigh says:

    Read all three books over two days! Came across them by absolute luck. Accidentally clicked on something in error on my iPad. CANNOT wait for book 4 to be out tommorrow.

    1. Best typing error EVER!

  2. i freaking love this series..:) i am always stalking facebook and here to look for updates haha! not afraid to admit it;) however as much as i love coop i sooooo want ruby to be with sean..i dont know what im going to do if they dont end uptogether!! the suspense is killing me! i wish the whole series would hurry up and all be out! cant wait for the 24th because school..yea my mind will soo NOT be there lol sorry for my teachers! but they encourage reading right?so,they should be happy!:P

  3. Ok..I was searcing amazon and I stumbled upon..caged. I loved it…I have read all three books in four days. I could not put them down. Nine days cannot come fast enough….I agree with your comments I equally like Cooper and Sean

    1. Thanks, Carla! I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the boys after Scarred 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    You know, I have to say… I picked up Caged about a week ago and put off reading it because I was busy with work and life… However, the night before I was supposed to leave for Las Vegas for a week’s vacation, I decided to start reading it… I was up until 4am finishing the book because I could not put it down, not even for sleep! After that, I was itching to get my hands on the rest of the series… I, no joke, read the next two books (via Kindle app on my phone) while sitting at slot machines — pretending to play so my friends wouldn’t take my phone away, sun bathing at the pool, and pretending to sleep through breakfast just so I could finish them. I absolutely adore these books! I am so looking forward to the next book, the anticipation might kill me! While I know Ruby is most likely going to end up with Sean (BOOOO), being star crossed lovers and all that (pah), I am CEO, VIP, and founding member of Team Cooper! I love him! I think he’s very good for Ruby and I feel that he has BUCKET loads more personality than Sean. More like dump trucks more. If she is going to end up with Sean, I hope at least she gives Cooper a good run at finishing first! He’s way too good to be brushed off and who ever does end up with him better be pretty freaking fantastic *coughRUBYcough*

    But these could just be the ramblings of a delusional fangirl 😉

    Wow, how did this comment turn so Cooper-centric so quickly! Guess it’s just because he’s so freaking awesome!

    Back to the subject at hand, I wait perched on the edge of my seat for the release of Scarred and I look forward to reading about everyone (not just Cooper)! I especially love Scarlet! And I want to know what happens with Ronnie and how they take care of the Rev! Dun dun DUNNNN!! 🙂

    Sorry it’s so long @_@;;

    1. Cooper makes it easy to love him, even when he doesn’t. Sean is a tough nut to crack. Those that tend not to like him overlook the fact that he has a job to do. Yes, it might be sexy if he blew that off at all costs to be with Ruby, but…he’s not that guy. I love my boys equally 🙂 ONe is an open book, the other, a locked safe. Both have amazing things to offer Ruby!
      Glad you loved the series enough to blow off gambling. REally, I just saved you money so that you could buy more books…

      1. Melissa says:

        Haha, I suppose I did kind of sound like a member of the He-Man, Sean-Haters club! It’s not true! I do like him… hard not to when he’s so brooding and sexy. 😉 When he has his tender moments with Ruby, I can’t help but root for him! He’s been through so much for her… and when he had his “You. Are. Mine.” moment, I couldn’t help but swoon, it was hot! (Then you had Cooper go and say something like that too… people probably think I have low blood sugar or something, swooning all the time).

        Yeah, Sean has a job to do… It’s not an easy job, and definitely not something easily put aside (especially when he’s been doing it for forever, because let’s face it — he’s old as dirt), not to mention the train wreck that is Sophie (though he kinda brought that one on himself). It’s wonderful to read the moments when he puts aside the job for Ruby… like when he told her to get away by ANY means necessary (even if she had to kill, as long as she lived <3 ) or that he would tie his life to hers. Those were some serious "D'AWWWWW" episodes.

        But still… *waves flag* Go Cooper! 😉

      2. they are both swoon worthy 🙂

  5. Kayla says:

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited!!!!!

  6. Abby Amos says:

    Wow! I can not wait for this book!

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