Scarred Teaser #3…

Here’s the latest teaser to tide you over for another month. Enjoy 🙂


Wiggling my way under the bed, I hoped to score a pair of black, spandex
shorts. My efforts were quickly derailed.

“Why do I seem to always get this view of you?” Sean purred from
somewhere in my room. It startled me enough to make me whack my head on
the bed rail.

“Ouch!” I yelled, trying to rub the growing bump in the confined space.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he continued, his voice moving closer, “I enjoy the
view immensely, but seriously, Ruby…if I had a dollar for every time I caught
you like this, I could buy another car.”

“You could buy another car regardless,” I argued, ass still hanging out from
under the bed. “Maybe you should stop barging in on people when you’re not
invited and you wouldn’t have this problem at all.”

“Maybe you should try cleaning your room so you wouldn’t have this

He had a point.

“Fine,” I yelled from under the bed, grabbing what I thought were shorts.
“You win. I’ll clean.” I shimmied back out on my belly and came to stand in
front of him. I held up the black fabric that—amazingly enough—turned out to be
what I was looking for.

Sean eyed the tiny strip of fabric with a dash of

“Are those for a six-year-old?”

“They stretch!” I said, slapping him playfully in the chest with object in
question. “Jerk.”

He tried to contain his laughter, but failed miserably, sending me out of the
room, eyes rolling, to the bathroom so I could change. I emerged seconds later
wearing only the tiny shorts and a tank top.

All the playfulness drained from his face.



9 thoughts on “Scarred Teaser #3…

  1. Ahhh… I do love when Ruby is able to get to Sean… Usually he’s just so… rough, it’s nice to see some emotion from him. 😉 I’m still totally Team COOPER though!! They just have better chemistry and scenes together 😉 I think I go back and read every Cooby (Rooper?) scene at least twice before moving on to the rest of the book, that’s how much I love them! Love these books!

    1. I don’t know that Coop and Rubes have better chemistry in general, but they have great banter! Cooper is, and always has been, in an easier spot than Sean. Combined with his personality, it makes it easy for him to outshine other characters…even ruby. But, Coop has his issues too, and Sean is not nearly as awful as some may like to think. We’re all products of our upbringing. His was a bitch (which you will find out more about in his novella that comes out next summer!!!!!).

      1. That’s true… Ruby and Sean do have some wicked chemistry (Gravity, anyone?).

        I could see a little of what Sean’s childhood (did he have one of those!?) probably was like at the end of the third book. Geez, with a dad like that, who wouldn’t turn out bipolar and stalkerish? It couldn’t have been easy and I love that he is as “human” as he is.

        Cooper definitely does have his issues (Uhh… most of the second book, come on Coop! Get your head out yo’ ass)! But even when he was at his worst, he was still thinking of Ruby (I suppose, to be fair, the same is true for Sean 😉 ). I’m glad to see he turned it around and is back to the Coop we know!

        And really, things have been so awful and chaotic in Ruby’s life, she needs her rock to hold on to and help shield her from the storm. Gravity can only do so much…. 😉 😉

        *gets off soapbox and packs up Team Cooper banners*

        I am so excited for the next book! I hope Matty comes back 😦

      2. 🙂 My mission is complete. Cooper and Sean are totally different but very similar at the same time. It’s truly bizarre. Once people realize that, they generally stop picking on my boy, Sean. You can still love Cooper…it’s okay.
        and Matty….*sniffles* That was a sad turn of events indeed 😦 Sometimes I wish I had more control over these characters!
        If you haven’t already, you should join the fb page. I hand out little goodies on there that I don’t anywhere else. We encourage uber fans like you to pop in and say hi! Plus, you get the skinny on all the OTHER upcoming books I have (like my YA series AND Unborn…you are SO gonna love that one).

  2. haha love sean especially though when he gets surprised;) i wish they would just get together already! and you should give coop someone else because ruby wont be able to love coop fully..

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