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Tempted by Evil: An Early Release Copy Contest…

Have you ever wished that you could get your hands on a book before anyone else? That you could be a small voice in the writing process for one of your favorite authors? I know I have, and this is your chance to do just that. Shannon and I have agreed to take on a fan as part of our proofreading/beta-reading team for Tempted by Evil (book 1 of the Light and Shadow trilogy). Think you would be an asset to us? Here’s how to enter and find out if you’ll have a chance to be 🙂

All you have to do is email me with the top 5 reasons that you think you’d be great for the job. They don’t even have to be valid…if they make us laugh, that’s just as good! What we’re looking for is someone who can give a well thought out and objective opinion on how the novel reads before it hits e-shelves everywhere. Entries will be accepted through the end of August. After that, Shannon and I will pick a winner based on who we think would be best for the job. That’s it. It’s that simple.

So, put a little thought into your response then fire it on over to me. I can’t wait to see who wins!!!


  1. Kayla says:

    1. I have never wanted to win something this much in my life!

    2. I love all of your books and want the chance to read this before many other people.

    3. I am good at catching errors. Honestly, I started to read another series by another author and the many errors I caught get to me. I can’t stand it.

    4. I read books all of the time. It takes one to two days for me to go through a book (which annoys my husband to no end ^.^). So, if you chose me I would be able to give you feedback soon!

    5. You know that both of you want someone like me to proof read your book.

  2. Abby G. Amos says:

    5 Reasons you should pick “Me” as your Proofreading/Beta-Reading team member:

    1) Well, aside from the fact that I Love your Caged Series so far, I am rather good at finding other people’s errors.

    2) I think you can use someone with 4 eyes vs 2.

    3) I would LOVE to read what you ladies have come up with in this new series.

    4) The Joy you both will feel knowing you let one of your Fans help to bring your finish product to other readers error free! That would just be awesome!

    5) The final reason to choose me is, because it would be the right thing to do! 🙂

  3. GMaInNJ says:

    Let’s see 5 reasons:

    1. It makes me insane when I see typos or grammatical errors in a book
    2. It might make me slow down when I read long enough to find them all
    3. I have no life besides work and my special grandson I am raising so I am available to help
    4. I love your books!
    5. One more: I happen to work for a major publication company and may be able to get it into someone’s hands that could help you 🙂 Oh and I am not above a bribe!

  4. I’m not good as a beta reader but I love that your blog is lighter and I can read everything better.

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