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…And Then I Nearly Crapped My Pants

I was standing by the kitchen island, refreshing my CAGED sale site on Amazon when my husband blurts out over my shoulder…”Go back!  You’re ranked in the top 100!”


I almost fell over, but sure enough, when I scrolled down the screen I saw CAGED in the #93 position – snuggled in right below Charlaine Harris.  Yep, that Charlaine Harris, the creative source behind the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the inspiration for True Blood on HBO.

Hold.  The.  Phone.

When I started this little journey, I would be lying if I said I didn’t envision myself topping the charts, selling millions of books to adoring fans who were as much in love with my characters as I was.  Did I really think it would happen…not so much.  Granted, I’m FAR away from being the next Twilight, but to have just a taste of that, if only for a moment confirmed what I’ve long thought.  If you can build it in your mind, you can build it in your life.  Wise words from a woman who nearly s*!# her pants upon seeing her kindle ranking.

(I’ve pasted the picture of the screen so you, too, can enjoy my moment of delirious  joy)


  1. Teresa Drelick says:

    ha! Did you notice that you are “Caged” between Definitely Dead and Bite Me? Something kind of funny about that. 🙂

  2. You kick major ass! Great job Amber!

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  4. Wooooohooooo! Congrats!!!

  5. jen krom says:

    LOL! Way to go, Amber! We all knew it would do well!

    By the way, just what IS IT with you and scatological references? Hmmm.

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