Ruby Dee

On the surface, she looks like she has it all: good looks, money, and her own business in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Looks can be deceiving.

Riddled with insecurities and plagued with a foot that she can’t keep out of her mouth, Ruby literally fumbles her way through the seeing world like she’s still blind.  If it weren’t for her empathic abilities that help her read the emotions of those around her, she’d be little more than walking prey.

Thankfully for Ruby, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve…even if she can’t seem to find them.

11 thoughts on “Ruby Dee”

  1. I LOVE this series, I bought the first three as a box set(thank you, amazon) for my kindle, I ended up getting the rest of the series to date. I’m addicted, you have done a great job with this series. I run a book blog part time, I’m reviewing the books later on tonight, I digress, LOVE LOVE this series!!!! How many books will be in this series?? I love the Ruby/Scarlett combo, it makes it so much more interesting!!

    • So glad you loved it. There will be 7 full length novels and the two novella length books. Only two have yet to be released. Concealed will be out March 10, 2015. I have no release date for the final book, Betrayed.

  2. She’s such a scatter brain!!!!! But I like her. Unfortunately though she reminds me of Bella (Twilight) in that she is sooo into Sean that she won’t look at the better options for her, go Coop!!! I wish she was a tad more put together and not fumble so much as she does. I am waiting with baited breath to see what Scarlet does in Fractured. She is one of those characters that frustrate the crap outta you but then you just want to hug her after a good “-what the hell were you thinking shake?”

    • I think there’s more to Sean and Ruby than infatuation. Bella was blinded, Ruby is not. She FEELS something because of her empath power, not because she’s a horny teenager ;)

      • True very true, and I sooo cannot wait to see what happens. Sean was pissed at her in Scarred I am curious as to how that issue gets resolved. Honestly you have written the best dynamic characters I have seen in a long time I love that both Ruby and Scarlet are separate entities sharing the same body.

      • I had a VERY hard time figuring out how Sean would deal with her if/when she came back at all. It took months to poke around his head and come up with a reaction that was honest and true to who he is. I think I did…I hope readers think so too :)

  3. I love ruby… I relate to her in so many ways. My ipod hates me. I believe in having a sound track for life. And the universe seems to have a sick sense of humor, or at least enjoys watching me make the wrong decisions. I have no filter and often feel like my foot is in my mouth. She is an amazing character that is well developed. I feel like I know her, I feel for her… And so often I want to just say come here let me give you a hug.

    ps… I’m hoping she can keep her no more running policy! I really like her with Sean!

  4. Jaine Munoz said:

    When is the third book going to be out to purchase? I can’t wait the series is great. I love the story.

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